Our Greatest Quest Yet

After an entire decade of storytelling on RolePlayGateway, we'll be undergoing some major changes that require your help and assistance. Read on for details.

Some Background

You're probably familiar with how unstable the site has been, historically. Building a site of RolePlayGateway's scope and scale has never been an easy proposition, and it is certainly not one to be accomplished alone. We've always had great dreams and aspirations with regards to storytelling and character-building, and with that comes a great deal of work. We didn't realize just how much work it would actually be until it was successful, and this in part probably helped us become successful. There are many lessons here about dreams and their actualization, but we'll leave them to the reader to surmise.

RolePlayGateway was originally just a forum, written by other people, but it has become so much more. Throughout the years, we've undergone major customizations and upgrades, but the majority of the original code remained. Unfortunately, it's gotten a bit weathered and developed a sort of uh... code-arthritis, making it difficult to change and improve. Any time we tried to add a new feature or fix a bug in an old one, mountains of old, ancient code got in our way, making things terribly exhausting and otherwise impossible to make any significant change in any reasonable amount of time.

We're going to fix this, but to do it we'll need to bring in the professionals: software engineers, designers, and community managers.

Fortunately, we've got most of our work cut out for us. Over the past couple years away from RPG, I've begun putting my time and energy into a tool we'll use to make the process easier. It's called Maki, and it's basically a construction set for things like RolePlayGateway. It promises an easy path to a newer, more modern RolePlayGateway, including mobile support and radically improved writing tools. If you're a software engineer, web developer, or designer, this is where you can help — join the Maki developer discussion and get involved.

Software Engineer? Join the Maki Slack

How To Help

The Moderators of RolePlayGateway will be lead by Kurokiku, Shu, and dealing with it on a new mission to revitalize our once-thriving community, and with it will come exciting new initiatives and an improved moderation policy, to be applied sitewide. We're going to become the great bastion of intellectual discourse and literary thought, one positive interaction at a time. Expect some major updates and calls to action soon!

Our largest roleplay, the Multiverse, will also be undergoing a major cleanup and organization effort. We'll be assembling a team of writers, editors, and artists to organize and refine the 80,000,000 words of written content into consumable backstory for future content. As you can imagine, it's a massive undertaking – we'll be posting threads in the very near future telling you how you can help.

As always, donations are appreciated. We spend around $500 USD per month on hosting the site and paying for the tools we use to keep it running (like UserVoice for our feedback forum). We make some portion of this back with the advertisements you see, but we're hoping to get rid of these entirely. To do that, we need the support of the community to help build a future without ads.

Too Long, Didn't Read!

tl;dr: we need your help. Here's what you can do:

To make RolePlayGateway the place we've always dreamed of, we need to work together. Let's make this happen.

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